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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | 3:59 AM
Back to Decemeber ; Birthday Party ♥

Olala, finally i created a new blog! ;D

guys, rmb to delete the link of my DEAD BLOG and change to this new link! Thanks btw. ^^
Tell u all, I have been forgotten my password of my DEAD BLOG. that's why i created a new blog! D:

well, it's okay. 新的部落格,新的开始!:D

and and and, i've never blogging for a year i think! o.o! miss the moment when i was blogging last time! >.<

hmm, time for me to talk about my BIG DAY! MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! ♥ ;D 4th of december!and finally, I'm in my fifteen! haha, everyone are going to their sixteen but I just step into my fifteen's dream! LOL. xD

I'm very happy to hear that my friends was having fun at my house that day. and Thanks for u guys to attend my birthday party and giving me presentss! really thanked to u guys! I'm very glab and appreciated with that! ^^ love u all, guys! ;D well, even some of my friends cant attend my birthday party, I also wont blame on them. cause they had their reasons only not attended my party. anyways, thanks for the one who wished me on facebook or msn! :D

Here is those pictures for my BIRTHDAY PARTY ♥

Lulu ; Belinda ♥ * warm smile (:

whose hand is that ? The hand is song long! ;D Look at Daniel, he's goin to jump into the pool. xP

Daniel decided to push me into the pool ! -.- xD ; see hw happy is Lulu, cause her daddy gonna push me into the pool ! *kidding! LOL ! HAHAHA. xD

Ccc, who are u looking at ? what a cool face ! Look at my sister ? xD LALALA!

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